About the Site

This comic was started because I was bored! And funny things happen to me.
Actually, the comic is now a hobby of mine. I like to be funny, and I like drawing. At least I like practicing to draw. Hopefully doing this comic long enough will make me a better artist. Maybe.
The characters are loosely based on my own life. I say loosely because some of them are pretty accurate, but some of them are entirely fictional. Some of my friends aren't even in this comic; no offense to those people, but I just can't draw you or work you into stories. Yet.
If you have ideas, great! Go away! I'm trying to do this as originally as possible, and having people do work for me just complicates things. I'm a control freak, so I just prefer to work alone.
If you want to link to me, or join my COMIC GUILD OMG!!11! then let me know. We're always looking for more comics! If you have a building sensation to contact me for some reason, I can be emailed at bobmanworld@yahoo.com and would prefer it if people didn't spam me.