I will add more sections to this page as I introduce more characters to the comic. No sneek previews for you! Bwahahaha!


Max is pretty much based on me. Yes, I am a loser like that. Being that I am me, and I write the comic, most of the punchlines will be delievered by... me. Max. I'm just that funny!
Seriously, about Max (me) is that he doesn't take school work very seriously, but will get it done eventually. Rather spends time goofing off and trying to make friends. Really bad at making friends, but really good at goofing off. Oh, and if you think the overall plot line involves Max going to college and finding a girl that's as equally as awkward as him, with lots of 'will they/won't they' crap eventually panning out to 'just do it already!!!' ... nope. Max is too awkward and creepy to be with anyone anyway. So it's not going to happen. Don't even think about it.


Charles is based on my friend... Charles. He's not really my roomate, but he's like one of the coolest people ever, so I made him my roomate. If he was my roomate, then college would be a lot cooler, and not me making this comic. Um... Charles is goofy, but in a more controlled, 'I hate you' sort of way. He doesn't really hate people... but that doesn't stop him from telling that to people. Being asian, he doesn't sleep, and just seems to have his homework always done. So that gives him a lot of time to tell people how much they suck. Which, compared to him, is true. I mean, compared to Charles, you probably suck. Except if you're Charles. Then you are only slightly better than Animated Charles.


Jae is the girl of the comic. By girl I mean she has boobs and long hair, and likes guys sometimes. Otherwise, she's pretty much is a nerd. Video games, anime, cosplay, you name it, she does it. She also isn't afraid to be outspoken and angry... given the right circumstances. If you are a girl and are offended by my portrayal of her, tough beans. My character, not yours. Jae also may or may not be a robot.


Dan wants your mom. Like, that's all he wants. He thinks she's hot. He makes up songs about her all the time. Seriously.
Dan is definately not a robot.
Dan's head is also slightly large in this picture, but I'd rather not change it, as I am lazy.


The Prince of Darkness, Devourer of Souls, and Crasher of Parties, otherwise known as Satan. He's got the big horns and everything. Usually found in Hell, except when he's at a really good party. All in all Satan's a pretty cool guy. I played poker with him once. He cheated, we got in a fight, he killed me. Still pretty cool.


The most powerful kung-fu master that has ever lived. Also the son of God. Messing with Jesus is not recomended.
Jesus is responsible for bringing in the Golden Age of Hand-Drawn Comics. Since he started showing up, the comics have been hand drawn. Let's hope he stays around.


A smartass penguin. Every comic has a smartass animal/robot. Is pengu the first robot/animal in a comic? No. He isn't a robot either. He's just a smartass.