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A picture of a bear

Side Info
Info 1This is info
Info 2Also info
Military Service
Bear Calvarly
Times shot4

Past BearsSee Below

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This is a test article.

Gonna try to put a bunch of text here to see if we can hit the limit for the side bar, but we have to type a lot of nonsense for that to happen. Hopefully this is enough.

Test Heading 2

Testing gendice:

Test Heading 2.2

Here's some more random text to test more text because text text text! Italics Bold Bold and Italic?

  • Unordered
  • List
    • With
    • Indents

Checking if fancy code escapes some stuff:

<- this should be code, not a symbol

<div></div> <- this should be divs

<- should be brackets (probably won't work)

Collapsing Test

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Testing tables

Title 1 Title 2 Title 3
Data 1A Data 1B Data 1C
Data 2A Data 2B Data 2C

It looks like tables don't work well with the side bar.

Fake table

This shouldn't work

Children Test

A good bear.

An entire sheet?

Click to show the character sheet

This is KOM making a change!

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