• [Phineas Stoneblood]
  • [Aethis Fane], Blade of the Dawn
  • [Ignatius Brassblood], son of Dennis


  • King Obould Many Arrows: Ambitious Orc Warlord leading an unparalleled invasion of the Silver Marches
  • Urlgen Threefist: Obould's son and commander of forces in the region around Mirabar
  • Gerti Orelsdottir: Frost Giantess Leader of Shining White, daughter of Jarl Orel who is near death
Mithral Hall
  • King Bruenor Battlehammer (aka Bonnego BattleAxe): Dwarven King of Mithral Hall, traveling back from Icewind Dale to reclaim his throne. Wears a one horned helm, bears a shield with the foaming mug standard of clan battlehammer. Well known for rediscovering Mithral Hall and defending the Silver Marches from a drow incursion some ten years ago.
  • Gandalug Battlehammer: Recently deceased king of Mithral Hall, Bruenor's ancestor, First and Ninth King of Mithrall Hall
  • Cattie Brie (Dellie Curtie): Bruenor's adopted human daughter, original parents were killed by Barbarians. Wields a magical black sword of some kind.
  • Regis: Halfling friend of Bruenor from Icewind Dale; wears an odd ruby necklace, carves schrimshaw trinkets.
  • Wulfgar: Human Barbarian and adopted son of Bruenor (who took pity on him after his clan was killed attacking ten towns). Wields a magnificent battlehammer.
  • Dagnabbit: King Bruenor's general and advisor.
  • Torgar Delzoun Hammerstriker: Grizzed longtime commander in the axe of Mirabar; seemingly befriends Bruenor when he visits.
  • Elastul Raurym: Human Marchion of Mirabar, obsessed with beating Mithral Hall in trade
  • Shoudra Stargleam: Human Sceptrana (trade minister) of Mirabar
  • Agrathan Hardhammer: Dwarf councilor on the Council of Sparkling Stones and a priest of dumathoin.
  • Djaffar: Leader of the Hammer of Mirabar (the Marchion's personal guard)
  • Shingles McGruff: Elderly Dwarf and longtime friend of Torgar
  • Zespara Alather: Swordsmith and owner of the House of the Bright Blade
Citadel Felbarr
  • Nikwillig: Dwarf you found bleeding on the road, attacked by orcs
  • Tred McKnuckles: Dwarf you met in Mirabar
  • Emerus Warcrown: Current King of Citadel Felbarr


  • Mirabar: Large mining town in the Northern part of the Silver Marches
  • Mithral Hall: Dwarven mining kingdom of the Silver Marches. Rediscovered and reopened by Bruenor 17 years ago.
  • Shining White: Mountain home of the Frost Giants, south of the Lurkwood Forest.
  • Luskan: Large port city on the sword coast west of Mirabar.
  • Clicking Heels: Small mountain hamlet between Mirabar and Luskan.
  • Citadel Felbarr: Dwarven city to east of Mithral Hall, led by Emerus Warcrown. Was seized by Obould and made into the Citadel of Many Arrows ten years ago during the Drow incursion; but was retaken shortly thereafter.
  • Citadel Adbar: Twin city to Citadel Felbar.
  • Moonwood: Forest occupied by Elves east of Mithral Hall. Wary of outsiders, defensive of their borders.
  • Silvery Moon: Extravagant city and the capital of the Silver Marches. Led by Lady Alustriel Silverhand.
  • Menzobarranzan: Drow city in the Underdark; attacked Mithral Hall and the silver marches 10 years ago.