Next thing you know, they'll be taking your walls for themselves!

What nationality is that raccoon anyway?

Channeling my Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff for this one.


Trash pandas are the best pandas

To be honest, if I went to a restraunt and saw a menu item that said "garbage taco" I would order it because that sounds delicious. Maybe I'm a racoon?

Professor Bear

Professor Bear

Has anyone checked this bear's credentials? I'm not saying I don't trust him, and I certainly agree with his advice. I'm just saying.

Every Day

Do or do not, there is no oh wait there is a try.

Sorry for the sappy comic, but I figured I'd share some good advice I heard about a while ago. If you want to do something, whether be a good artist, musician, write a book, or really anything, it's important to work on that thing every day, whether that be actually working towards an end goal or practicing to help better yourself. Just don't forget to take breaks! Breaks are also important.

Racist Penguin

Penguins aren't racist, they're just ignorant

They say never judge a book by its cover but sometimes those covers are pretty spot-on. Let's try for once a week updates on Mondays, okay?

Irish Spring

A better soap than Irish Winter

Wait, so who makes Dove soap? Also, do the same people make Dove chocolate? How did they decide to make chocolate and soap? That doesn't seem to be a very similar product.

Also, why did I decide to keep drawing skeletons? The challenge?

Also also, I might start a project for this site. No promises.



Just my luck, I got a Comcast offer letter today in the mail and was able to use it in this comic! It's not like I get a dozen of them a week or anything. No this was fate.

Bear Convention

Bear Convention

My web hosting providor basically collapsed into a black hole so I migrated stuff over, and here is a new one while I was at it. Lucky you!

Avenge Me

A very productful request.

If you aren't buying lettuce right now due to the ecoli breakout, then you are missing out on some huge savings. The biggest savings being once you're dead, you don't have to spend money on food anymore!

But there's still the death tax.

Bear Market

Bear Market

Many people assume bears are fiscally responsible, but that's because they have a lot of HONEY, not MONEY. It's easy to get the two confused since they sound so similar. Just remember this simple association:

Honey - Bears

Money - Not Bears